Clean, Quiet, Compressed Air

Perfect for Your Application: Compact, elegant designs are ideal for dental, surgical, laboratory or other applications that require clean, quiet compressed air.
Complete System Approach: Our application experts can help you specify a complete system, precisely designed to meet your needs.
Top-of-the-Line Solutions: Continuous process improvement built our reputation for quality and reliability among more than half a million satisfied customers around the world.
Global Reach: Complete commitment to global manufacturing standards in the areas of health, safety, environmental, and consumer protection.

Featured Products

Quiet and Clean Air
Our oil-less rocking piston series is ideal for applications where low noise and long life are key requirements.

Quiet Air
The JUN-AIR oil-lubricated compressor is the "original" quiet compressorn with a noise level below 45 dB(A), and is the lifeline of dental surgeries worldwide

Parts and Service
JUN-AIR offers a variety of options and replacement parts designed to maximize performance and ensure long system life.

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Gast Need additional components?
Gast is known around the world for the manufacture and sale of quality air motors, vacuum generators, compressors, and vacuum pumps. Go to Gast.


Sophisticated use of clean and dry compressed air within the dental industry results in an increasing demand for higher quality air compressors.

Health Care
A wide range of applications in the medical industry and health care products use compressed air.

For gas generation, zero-air generation, FT-IR generation, and nitrogen generation.

Our experience includes approvals for industries as different as the medical industry, food and beverage, graphics, dental, laboratory and health care as well as many others.

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