Health Care

A wide range of applications in the medical industry and health care products use compressed air.


Compressed air is constantly used in every dental clinic. Compressed air powers the turbines used for drilling, etc. and the syringes also require compressed air.

Breathing Aids

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Ventilators have a wide variety of uses in the medical field, including incubators, anesthesia and critical care in hospital environments as well as breathing aids in private and nursing homes. Needless to say, the reliability of the compressor used in such critical applications is of utmost importance. Additionally, the air quality is essential due to the risk of contamination. Quietness is of equal importance to the users of these applications, considering that the equipment often is installed at the bedside or in living areas of private homes. JUN-AIR has a long history as supplier to some of the world's leading suppliers of ventilators, including companies in the USA, Europe as well as Asia.

Rehabilitation and Fitness

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In order to prevent users of rehabilitation/fitness equipment from the risk of damage due to heavy weights, more and more equipment now uses compressed air as source of resistance. Equipment using compressed air is easier to set and may be adjusted at smaller intervals. Additionally, it provides optimal training effect for the muscles and minimizes damaging stress on joints and connective tissue of the human body.

Orthopedic Treatment/EWST

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In orthopedic treatment for sports injuries and similar cases, pneumatically generated shock waves are radially and extensively transmitted into the pain, almost without any anesthetic. The injuries for which this therapy is used includes calcaneal spur, tennis elbow, patellar apex syndrome as well as other forms of insertion tendinosis. The equipment if often used in private clinics without centralized compressor systems and is, therefore, often supplied with a small quiet compressor.

Stone Management

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Quiet compressors are used with equipment for ultrasonic and pneumatic lithotripsy for stone management in the bladder, kidney and ureter.

Veterinarian Applications

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Compressed air is also used for a number of products in the veterinarian field.

Higher concern for pets has caused pet owners to increase their awareness of dental care of pets. Consequently, veterinarians now invest in equipment for practicing dentistry on animals e.g. dogs, cats and horses.

Compressed air is also used in radial extracorporeal shock wave therapy in the treatment of injured and chronically lame horses. Retirement from racing due to injury and prolonged treatment can be very costly as breeds of noble descent are valuable capital investments.


Ear-Nose-Throat image

Most doctors who have specialized in the treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases use suction systems for which the suction is created by using an air compressor.

Development of Brain-Injured Children

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Some children with brain injuries have problems with the coordination of their muscles which cause irregular breathing. Their treatment involves a pneumatically powered vest, which stimulates and provides training for the muscles, enabling the children to breathe at a regular rhythm.