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Increasingly, developers of instruments and machinery realize the advantages of integrating as many components as possible directly into their design. Consequently, more and more manufacturers of products, which require compressed air, have chosen to upgrade their solution from standard compressors to customized air solutions, accommodating their individual needs and requirements.

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There are many important aspects to consider in the process of designing complete air solutions, such as noise, vibration, ventilation and aesthetics, just to mention a few. JUN-AIR has gained a high level of experience and expertise by co-operating with the R&D engineers of the customers. This way, JUN-AIR has obtained the synergy, necessary to create and develop successful products with a high level of features and functionality.

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JUN-AIR's experience also covers the design and technical aspects of the process. Furthermore, JUN-AIR has great knowledge of the different safety and legal requirements worldwide. In many cases, JUN-AIR co-operates with the customers concerning the approval of the solutions in which the compressors are integrated. The experience includes approvals for industries as different as the medical industry, food and beverage, graphics, dental, laboratory and health care as well as many others.