JUN-AIR compressors are ideal within many applications. They are quiet in operation and provide clean, compressed air.

In addition, all JUN-AIR compressors have a unique design and are updated with the latest technology, making them suitable for use in an increasing number of applications, e.g.: dental clinics, laboratories, dispense systems, graphics, health care, door opening devices and fitness equipment. Just to mention a few examples of applications, using clean and quiet compressed air.

JUN-AIR Applications

Sophisticated use of clean and dry compressed air within the dental industry results in an increasing demand for higher quality air compressors.

Health Care
A wide range of applications in the medical industry and health care products use compressed air.

For gas generation, zero-air generation, FT-IR generation, and nitrogen generation.

Our experience includes approvals for industries as different as the medical industry, food and beverage, graphics, dental, laboratory and health care as well as many others.