Engineering Lab

Our comprehensive in-house design engineering lab allows us to easily test a broad range of parameters to help you make the right product choice for your application. These in-house testing capabilities can help cut development lead-time to get you to market quickly, and ensure that your product will meet all your application and customer needs for its full intended life.

Our testing includes:

  • Pneumatic – air flow, pressure, and vacuum testing
  • Sound – two in-house state-of-the-art sound labs support decibel-level sound testing
  • Environmental – hot and cold chambers support real-life endurance testing, humidity, and high/low temperature
  • Regulatory – dedicated in-house staff assist with regulatory approvals and future compliancy

Our experienced R&D and product engineers work together to analyze customer needs and generate timely solutions for air-handling problems. The design team has one goal: to create solutions that capitalize on the latest available technology, meet all application requirements, and benefit from cost-effective production methods. The end result – ideal-fit products that provide the best value for our customers.